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The Supplies to Keep You Healthy

Why You Should Sell Only Unopened Packages of Test Strips

by Sylvia Turner

If you've got extra diabetes test strips and need some cash, selling those strips is an easy way to get money while cleaning the house. Whether you simply have too many to use before they expire or have inherited a stash of strips after a relative passed away, you're not stuck with those materials if they meet certain standards. One of the most important is that the packages of strips are unopened. Those packages that have not been opened at all are what you want to sell because the unbroken wrapping implies a lot. 

It Shows No One Tampered With the Strips

For one, an unopened package shows that no one has done anything to the strips. The count advertised on the package should be accurate, and the strips should be in good condition. Yes, it's always possible that something went wrong at the factory when the strips were manufactured, but you run that risk with anything you buy. Your goal is to sell the strips that are most likely to be in great condition given everything that you can control.

It Protects the Strips From Contaminants

An unopened package of test strips is basically going to be free of things like the novel coronavirus and other pathogens, assuming the manufacturing process went well. An opened package, or one that was opened and then resealed with a heat sealer, will have strips that were exposed to whatever germs were floating around in the air at the time the bag was opened. Yes, whoever buys the strips from a company after you sell them will open the bag and expose the strips, but at least the company you sell to, and the person who buys them, will know that the strips were as clean as possible when they bought them.

The Company Knows What It's Getting

Related to the issue of no tampering is the fact that the company you sell the strips to will know exactly what they're getting. Not only will they know how many are in there, but also which model or type of strips they are. There's no risk (again, assuming manufacturing went well) that they're buying something different from your description.

Selling diabetes test strips is easy. If you need money, want to dispose of extra strips without wasting them, or both, all you have to do is contact a company that buys these strips and arrange for shipping and payment. 

If you want to sell diabetes test strips, contact a buyer in your area.