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You rely on doctors, nurses, and other medical practitioner to keep you healthy. They rely on a whole lot of supplies in order to do their jobs! From gloves, to masks, to syringes, medical supplies exist in great variety. Some basic services, like physical exams, may only require a few supplies, but more extensive procedures, like MRIs, require complex equipment. One thing is for sure: our medical system and medical care would not be what they are without the proper supplies and equipment. The more you know about these supplies, the more you'll agree, so we invite you to read more about the topic on this website.



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The Supplies to Keep You Healthy

Key Ways Netsuite Integration Benefits Your Medical Business

by Sylvia Turner

Netsuite is a cloud-based software that manages core business processes such as accounting, customer relationships, e-commerce, and more in one secure location. In 2017, the digital streaming platform Spotify announced it would be leaving it's previous ERP manager and switching to Netsuite. The Netsuite spotify partnership sent waves buzzing through various industries as more and more executives took notice. In this article, you'll discover how Netsuite integration benefits your medical business.

Improves Customer Relationship Management

90% of Americans decide on who to do business with based on their customer service. Customer service and personalization are the next frontier for business scalability. Whether your business is B2C or B2B, Netsuite helps you maintain records of services, inventory, communication, and more with each of your customers. The supply chain is essential to financial reporting and profits. Netsuite enterprise software allows you to follow inventory through the manufacturing WIP level, to storage, to delivery to your recipient. You can also track expiration dates for your environment-sensitive products and easily locate products affected by industry-wide recalls.

Relieves the Physician's Burden

Netsuite comes is 4 levels of service to fit the needs of businesses with less than 10 employees to multi-million dollar corporations. Physicians spend more than 20 hours on patient and business paperwork a week leading to burnout and job dissatisfaction. Small physician's offices benefit from Netsuite's consolidation of data, automated compliance checks, and financial processes. The software is fully customizable to work with the specific needs of your office including HIPPA compliance and electronic medical records systems. When physicians are able to spend less time on paperwork, they offer a higher quality of care to their patients. This leads to more accurate diagnoses and fewer hospital visits. Netsuite also allows integration with human resource software, allowing you to manage and pay your employees securely and efficiently.

Allows Your Business to Scale

Many small businesses start out with spreadsheets and a myriad of consumer software products to manage their day-to-day activities. However, the more complex your business becomes, the more these products cost you money through inefficiency. This also leads to costly mistakes in financial reporting and customer relationships. Netsuite allows your business to scale through inevitable growing pains. Its high level of customization means your business will never outgrow its capabilities. As you scale, Netsuite has features that help you predict your financial future with a clear view of your company's standing. This feature combined with automation, lets you focus on what you're best at in your business. 

Hospitals have seen a steady decrease in inpatient care over the last few decades. This is largely due to the increase in medical technology. This demonstrates that when businesses have effective tools, they function for the greater good of everyone. Contact a consultant for Netsuite integration today to get a customized license for your medical business.