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The Supplies to Keep You Healthy

Top Benefits Of Digital X-Ray Machines

by Sylvia Turner

X-rays are very important diagnostic tools, so most clinics and hospitals need x-ray machines on-site in order to properly serve their patients. If you are involved in setting up a new clinic and need one or more x-ray machines, you may want to seriously consider opting for digital x-ray machines instead of traditional film-based ones. Today's digital x-ray machines offer so many advantages over traditional ones, and almost all medical practitioners prefer digital x-ray machines. Some of the top reasons to invest in digital x-ray machines for your clinic instead of traditional ones include:

Lower Radiation Levels

One of the biggest advantages that digital x-ray machines have over traditional film-based machines is the fact that an image can be produced using a much lower radiation level. This benefits both patients and the medical personnel that administers the x-rays. Exposure to radiation can cause a number of health issues, so being able to get clear x-ray images using a much lower level of radiation is a big plus.

Images Are Available Instantly

Many clinics are turning to digital x-ray machines because the images are available instantly. This is different than traditional film-based x-ray machines where each image has to be processed before it can be looked at on a lightbox. Since digital x-rays are available instantly, clinics are able to provide treatment to more patients. In addition, since digital x-rays can be viewed right away, it is easy to determine if retakes are needed due to not having a clear image.

Higher Quality Images

A digital x-ray machine will produce much better images than traditional x-ray machines. The images are clearer, and since the image is stored on a computer, it is possible for a doctor or radiologist to zoom in, rotate, or lighten or darken the image in order to get a better view. Having access to better x-rays makes it easier for medical personnel to correctly diagnose issues and begin the right form of treatment.

Requires Less Space

If your clinic is not large in size, opting for a digital x-ray machine is the way to go. When you have a digital x-ray machine, you won't need to have a darkroom space available to process the images, like you would with a film based x-ray machine. In addition, all digital x-rays are stored on a computer, so you won't need cabinets to hold physical x-rays. 

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