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The Supplies to Keep You Healthy

2 Great Reasons To Invest In A Stair Lift Today

by Sylvia Turner

Some seniors have mobility issues that put them at a greater risk of falling. These individuals may reside in homes that have more than one level, which may make it impossible or difficult to access higher levels. Many seniors have fragile bones, and a fall could be life-altering. Hip fractures and head injuries could interfere with them being able to take care of themselves. If no one is available to assist them, they could lose their independence and have to be admitted to a facility. 

A stair lift solution is a good investment for seniors who have mobility issues. It can afford them the freedom to go throughout their home without limitations to the upper level(s). The following points identify a few of the advantages of getting a stair lift installation.


 A stair lift is an affordable solution when compared to other options for individuals who have mobility concerns. Some seniors and their families have limited income to make an investment in a home elevator. Lifts offer the same safety and convenience that elevators offer for a fraction of the cost.

The need to resort to living in a facility due to mobility concerns can be eliminated by investing in a stair lift. The cost of living in a facility will likely be more expensive than buying a lift and remaining at home.

Sometimes seniors have a temporary need for mobility assistance due to issues such as surgery or injuries. A stair lift can ensure that they can safely navigate their homes during their healing time without a need for a major investment.

Minimal Space Requirements

The design of some homes makes them incompatible with a home elevator solution. Stair lifts offer a viable way for seniors to get around their residences. The space requirements are minimal. The installation company will take measurements to ensure that the lift will fit in the stairway. They can design lifts with features such as swivel seats, which will allow for extra room in the stairway for others to pass by the seat when needed.

A mobility specialist is a good resource to use for more information about stair lifts. They can help individuals and their families compare models and features. Some insurance companies may approve a full or partial payment for stair lifts and the installation. This is because the units are considered medical equipment. They can prevent injuries and save insurance companies money on payouts for medical bills.

Contact a local stair lift service to learn more.